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Travel Reimagine


Phase 1: 6 Months 

Phase 2: 10 Months 

Phase 3: 4 Months 

UX Methods

Wireframing, Prototyping, Task Flows, User Flows, Visual Design, Usability Testing, Heuristic Evaluation, Information Architecture, System Design 


Adobe XD, Adobe After Effects, Teams Workplace


For this project I collaborated with a project team of 40 members that consisted of BA, Developer, Product owners and PMO’s.

Project Brief

This project was suggested by the product owner of Travel application at TCS. The vision was to reimagine the entire travel workflow and introduce user-friendly mobile and web applications to help initiate travel, provide assistance during travel, and manage and claim expenses post-travel. One of the requirements was to complete all tasks using Conversational AI, in which a chatbot serves as the primary point of contact for the user.

My Intervention

The team started with user research and conducted multiple interviews and observation sessions to gather data and defined user personas and problem areas. I joined this project in the Ideation phase.

Following is a list of tasks and activities I performed during this project.


Product Pitch

Together with another designer, I first began by creating mid-fidelity prototypes for task flows. This was further used for a product pitch where I created a motion graphic story video in

After effects. After receiving project approval, we began working in an agile environment in sprints of two weeks.    


System Design  

I began by receiving KT from stakeholders and the product owners of all various TCS applications that contributed to the travel workflow. The goal was to understand the current system and identify areas where design intervention was possible. During this time, I discovered that TCS's pre-, during-, and post-travel workflow is dispersed across various teams and platforms, requiring users to work with numerous software programs in order to complete any task. This helped the team realize the project's main objective, which was to put all travel-related tasks on a single, accessible platform.      


Task flow and Prototype 

Further, I began by developing task flow and wireframes that can connect each of these distinct domains. The purpose of doing this was to provide all the amenities on a single platform. I detailed each potential use case for both domestic and international travel after speaking with the relevant stakeholder. The process followed was: 

Receive user scenario from BA    >   Create task flow and Wireframes   >   
Design team review  >  Alterations   >   Stakeholder Review   >   Design Refinement   >   
Create UI-ready files   >    Handover to the visual designer 

I worked on around 50 such scenarios for a conversational mobile application. I also followed up with the product owners and developers as needed to understand the current workflow and the technical viability of a particular design solution. Following the initial round of scenarios, we engaged participants in a usability think-aloud protocol, which aided in further design improvement. I continually performed internal cognitive walkthroughs of all the created task flows throughout the process. 


Visual Design  

I had the chance to work on the UI design for a portion of the application during this project. Some of the application's features were to be integrated with another chatbot program. For this, I referred to a previously established design system and created the interface in line with it. I worked with the new application's design team during this time to create dev-ready UI screens



  • The extensive multilayered nature of TCS's travel workflow was one of the biggest obstacles. The entire system lacked a connection between fields and was dispersed across several domains.  

  • Another issue we came across was the resistance to change from the department team. The employees of these departments were not open to change and required some encouragement and negotiations to get them on board.  

  • Incorporating a chatbot into all these complex tasks was another challenge that the design and development teams had to face during the project.   


My Learnings

  • During this project, I gained a lot of knowledge on conversational AI and Machine learning.   

  • My knowledge was vastly expanded during my first-hand experience conducting usability testing.  

  • The experience of working with developers and business analysts increases my collaboration skills.   

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