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Website redesign for a window manufacturing company.

Mobile Application

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Client: Vitrum System LLT  /  My Role: Communication Designer  /  Duration: 6 months /  Tools: Adobe suite

Deliverables: Brand collaterals / Brochure / Design System / SSM content / Website Design / Space Design

Website design is one of the outcomes of a project completed during my internship at DFO.

This particular case study focuses on the website. You can view the entire project here.

The Client >

Vitrum positions itself as a comprehensive provider, handling all aspects – design, manufacturing, and installation – of their signature Slimline® aluminum windows and doors. Their focus lies in creating windows that promote a more open and interconnected environment, aiming to enhance the user experience by fostering a sense of immersion.

Design Brief >

Redesign Vitrum's existing one-page website to effectively communicate the brand's identity and core values (persona and philosophy). The primary function remains company presentation, aiming to establish Vitrum as a premium choice (elite experience) while prioritizing user experience (seamless experience) for website visitors.

Quick peak into the solution >

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Understanding the problem space

Filed study and stakeholder Interview

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the brand and user needs, the following research methods were employed:

Observations: Direct interaction with Vitrum Windows in their showrooms provided valuable insights into the product's functionality and user experience.

Stakeholder Interviews: Engaging with store managers and employees yielded valuable information on:

  • User perception of Vitrum products and brand identity (ethos and persona)

  • Technical product details most relevant to website visitors

This research phase provided a strong foundation for defining the content strategy and prioritizing technical information for the redesigned website.

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User Interview Insights

Online Observation

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Additionally, I conducted online observations to analyze how competitors were adapting to translate their seamless in-person experiences into the virtual realm. This exploration served as a wellspring of inspiration, guiding my creative thinking in the right direction.

Constructing the solution


During the research and ideation, several keywords and phrases emerged, influencing the development of the brand persona and ethos. These findings were instrumental in envisioning the desired website experience.


honest and transparent


bringing outdoors indoor

extraordinary experience

State of the Art


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Information Architecture

Moving on to constructing the solution, I began by crafting an information architecture for the website, laying the groundwork for its structure. This was followed by the creation of initial wireframes to outline the basic layout and functionality.

Design Exploration and Client feedback

Throughout the design process, I engaged in several rounds of exploration to ensure that the website accurately reflected the brand philosophy. These wireframes served as the basis for a round of client feedback, during which I conducted an assisted walkthrough of the various design iterations.

After multiple rounds of discussions with both the team and the client, we arrived at a final design that is visually lightweight and transparent, perfectly aligning with the brand persona.

Final Design

To ensure an inclusive user experience, a responsive website structure was adopted. This approach guarantees the website adapts seamlessly across various devices (desktop computers, tablets, smartphones) and screen sizes. This caters to user preferences and ensures effortless interaction with the website, regardless of the chosen platform.

The final step involved collaborating closely with developers to bring the design to life. Working hand-in-hand, we translated the visual elements and functionality into a fully functional website, ensuring that the design vision was realized with precision and attention to detail.

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